May 7, 2010

On the nature of blogging

AAAAaaa fuck everything i write is in Hindu!!

I was going to write about the chapters in my life, taking advantage of a rare bout of nostalgia but then Seymour reared his ugly head and pointed out new teaser videos for the up coming apocalypse according to the world of supernatural (he always knows how to find the perfect thing to distract me).
So instead of a heart felt(depressing) narrative on my life I instead feel prompted to vent my frustrations on the complexities of having a blog.

Prior to this venture I considered my self a rather tec savvy person. The cyber world did not strike fear in my heart as it does in others, in fact I view it as my favorite drug rather than a tool. But then I started delving into world of blogs and now I feel like a noob, or even worse I now understand my mothers anxiety when faced with anything computer related.

Even in theses early stages where I'm trying to keep it simple I'm faced with Html codes, traffic, monetizing, url links, Pinging!? meta tags, SEO services :S and don't get me started on the various layouts, colors and display options! messing around with them resulted in the a fore mentioned Hindi text freak out.
Also I've come to understand that google sends out 'spiders' to 'crawl' all over my blog........ and this is supposed to be a good thing, feels more like the matrix to me. I was under the impression that millions of normal people blog, I've even seen some apparently run by infants (ok cheap shot I know) so this really doesn't help my self esteem.

The reason I even attempted incorporating all these codes and tec is that my blog doesn't seem to exist, at least not in the eyes of any search engine. And while I didn't really expect it to get a million followers in a day the whole thing seems a little redundant if no one reads it, I need your feed back in order to better myself after all.
The traffic problem becomes trickier due to the fact that i wanted this to be an anonymous blog untainted by peoples existing views on me, so it is not meant to be viewed by anyone who knows me in the real world, which eliminates the easiest and most common way of getting your blog noticed.

But I shall persist even if no ones reading at the very least this provides a new way for me to procrastinate and it's kinda therapeutic too.

But for every...... (what are these things called anyway? posts? articles? whatever) for every post I post (?!) there are 5 others I couldn't be bothered putting up because I didn't think any one would read them (or because of Seymour) so hah! have that on your conscience oh absentee followers.

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