May 11, 2010

A rouge ''zombie satellite'' threatens other crafts!

It must be a slow news day....

According to the article a communications satellite called Galaxy 15 got it's ''brain'' chomped on by a solar flare and broke off contact with the mother planet. This should have resulted in the zombiesat peacefully passing on to that big satellite emporium in the sky but instead it's still alive and kicking..... Apparently this isn't normal satellite behavior, even if it does broadcast the syfy channel and scientist are baffled.
This has attracted the attentions of good old conspiracy theorists and they are now harping on about space junk and technology gone wild flashing their boobs at every one for nik naks. But this sat became undead in early April so why does everyone care now?!

Who know, why did I click on the link? Because it had the word zombies in it of course!

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