April 28, 2010


Hi my name is random ranter *not really I mean what sort of parents would name their child that?!* and I am a sufferer of extreme procrastination. I usually blame it on my general lack of passion for the task that I am avoiding, but to be honest it is a habit that started innocently enough during my childhood and which I have cultivated over the years into the magnificent beast which consumes all my time.

It is such a large part of my life style, I should really pay it more attention; maybe even give it a name? .... for now lets call it Seymour coz at the moment in my head it looks like him.

Because of Seymour it has taken me two months to make my first post in the blog that was in fact created as a means of procrastination. And the timing couldn't have been better coz once again I am writing this while being two days away from a rather important submission that I don’t give a flying-half-monkey-half-two-headed-cockroach-rats-ass about! Considering that I have many such submissions looming in my near future I’m guessing this blog is going to get a lot of attention from me. Hopefully it’ll get other peoples attention too.

The nature of procrastination is an interesting thing, I did some research into it in an attempt to beat down the monster but so far the results have been disheartening:
HOW TO BEAT PROCRASTINATION TODAY!! - among the countless self help books and courses provided on the subject, which I had no intention of spending money on, the general advice given was to do things immediately instead of putting them off....... o__o Well if I could do that I wouldn’t have a problem now would I!? IDIOTS!
Further digging provided the rather more serious evidence that, it can in fact be a physiological disorder and may even be a sign of more serious health issues..... oh joy! I always thought I mite have early onset alzheimers! Heres to hoping that it in my case it isn't that serious!

I really should stop here and get on with my project…although I probably wont Seymours quite demanding these days, hopefully in about an hour n half’s time I’ll get down to it. The truth is I really want this chapter of my life to be over with, It’s been running way to long but for now I feel there is nothing I can do about it. This blog I think is part of the next chapter of my life & I hope that with this first post things will start falling into place more quickly.

Ranterz out.



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